Roll with the Black and Gold

January 26, 2010

Pre-season Super Bowl Song Becomes Dream Come True

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New Orleans, LA – Before the start of the 2009 NFL season, a talented coalition of New Orleans musicians collaborated and recorded “Roll with the Black and Gold,” a tailgate-friendly tune with lyrics that actually predicted the Saints’ now historic run to Super Bowl XLIV in Miami.

As both the Saints winning streak and the bandwagon grew to epic proportions, the city of New Orleans was inundated with new Saints-friendly music.  However, DEMBOYS truly set the tone with their inspiring pre-season prediction.

According to Superdome DJ Joseph Schneider, “Roll with the Black and Gold is one of the top 2 Saints songs out there…a well produced, heavy hitting thump that shook bones with the Superdome sound system.”

OffBeat magazine summed it up nicely in its October issue:  “It’s not hard to picture “Roll with the Black and Gold” playing for a stadium packed with Saints fans. It’s catchy, easy to dance to and an authentic offering by New Orleans natives celebrating the place they love.”

Since its release on September 3rd, “Roll with the Black and Gold” has been blasted on gameday inside the Superdome on multiple occasions, covered in the Times Picayune’s Saints music review, and is now regularly featured on WWL–AM870 as the intro to the most popular Saints talk radio show in the country.  Dem Boys also recently opened to a sold-out French Quarter show with the world famous, multi-platinum group, the Ying Yang Twins.

Giving Back to Their Creative New Orleans Community

DEMBOYS is also committed to helping the New Orleans music scene.  A majority of the NOLA area musicians are medically uninsured and often lack the proper medical attention they need.  DEMBOYS has pledged to donate 20% of the project’s gross sales to the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic, an innovative not-for-profit wellness partnership offering affordable health care to the NOLA community’s most precious resource: its musicians.

The 3 song EP titled “Roll with the Black and Gold” is available through Drake Records on iTunes and Amazon…

Lyrics to “Roll with the Black and Gold”

Dem Boys are hot and they will not be stopped.

They’re going all the way…straight to the top.

Oh can’t you see them…in that black and gold.

They’re off to the playoffs…and then to the Super Bowl!

Everybody let’s roll!

Roll let’s roll let’s roll let’s roll with the black and gold!

Dem Boys got what it takes…Ain’t no brown-bag year.

Hear them Who Dat! calls when you come around here.

Talkin’ bout playoffs…yea we gonna be there.

Super Bowl bound….baby this is our year!

August 13, 2009

Dem Boys Release Debut EP

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NEW ORLEANS, LA — Dem Boys, a coalition of New Orleans’ musicians, celebrates the kickoff of the highly anticipated 2009 New Orleans Saints football season with the release of their debut EP fittingly titled “Roll with the Black and Gold.”

“We hope this will be the most authentic and lively anthem ever blasted through the Superdome megaphones,” said Matt Peoples, one of the band’s vocalists.

Lyrics from the title track “Roll with the Black and Gold” best sum up the high expectations for the upcoming Saints football season: “Oh can’t you see them in that black and gold, they’re off to the playoffs and then to the Super Bowl…Everybody lets roll!”

The three-song release also includes the tracks “NOLA,” a hearty groove that hums with the lesser known elements of life in the Big Easy, and “Feelin’ Good in the City,” which examines a chance meeting on the banks of the Mississippi River of a gospel quartet, a banjo, and a tuba player with an 808 kick drum.

Dem Boys and independent label Drake Records will contribute 20 percent of all music sales to the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic, a non-profit foundation with a “mission to sustain Louisiana’s musicians in body, mind and spirit by developing access to primary care, preventative health services, as well as social and occupational outreach.”

Meez, Wick, Peoples, and Strawdaddy (photo by Jerry Moran)

Meez, Wick, Peoples, and Straw (by Jerry Moran)

Members of the all-local group are:  drummer/producer Eric Heigle, vocalist Matt Zarba of The M@ Peoples Collective, vocalist Sherman “Strawdaddy” Johnson of Tipitinas Uptown, and pianist Andrew Meehan of Gravity A.

Also contributing to the project were Grammy-winning engineer Chris Finney, bassist Jon Solomon (also of Gravity A), vocalist Robin Kinchen of The Voodoo Revue, vocalist Sasha Masakowski of NovaNola, saxophonist James Martin of Happy Jack Frequency, tuba player John Gross of The Panorama Jazz Band, banjo player Chris Edmunds of The New Orleans Moonshiners, trumpet player Josh Leblanc of The Givers ,  and guitarist Korey Richey of Dockside Studios.

Dem Boys hope their debut release will showcase the City of New Orleans’ unique culture that brings together musicians from all styles and walks of life through their shared love of music and all things NOLA.
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Meet Dem Boys:

Sherman “Strawdaddy” Johnson

Strawdaddy Johnson is the originator of a sound he calls “Jynx.”  Born Sherman Johnson at Charity Hospital and raised in the Desire housing development in the 9th Ward, he got his first taste of music at age 5 as a percussionist at the Apostolic Overcoming Holiness Church where his mother was the organist and his father a minister.  Sherman replaced his mother as organist at the church at age 12 and went on to release a Gospel record with the group, Anointed Connection, entitled “All I Have” in 1996.  He wrote the original concept of “Roll with the Black and Gold” in 2003 and redrafted the song with Matt Peoples in late 2007 prior to recording it with Dem Boys in September of this year.

Eric Heigle

Eric “Wick” Heigle is most excited about the infinite potential of the future. But when it comes to his past, there are certain elements that cannot go unmentioned. Wick is not your typical New Orleans musician; he has no formal music training, no family history or noteworthy musical family members, and did not start playing his instrument till his mid-teens. Wick’s introduction into the world of music, however, was like the opening of a faucet that winds up flooding an entire house. Eric started the band Ellipsis in his family garage which released a couple records and, due to increasing local popularity, toured nationally for several years before any of its members turned twenty-one. After a year of college, Wick took an educational sabbatical to continue these pursuits, and to establish What Noise? Studios, a project recording facility which he still presently operates. While most kids his age were learning from textbooks, Wick was experiencing the art and business of music first hand. He has played his drums everywhere from arenas, theatres, festivals, and even castles, to dive bars and backyard barbeques, and shows no signs of slowing down.

After several years of paying dues, Wick came to the realization that, due to the digital boom, bands had somehow become a very elaborate way of selling a t-shirt.  He welcomed the opportunity to expand his skill set and began working on a variety of other projects. Wick is currently playing in and around the city with a variety of projects including, but not limited to: Andrew Duhon and the Lonesome Crows and Ernie Vincent and the Top Notes. When not on the stage, he is in the studio, working on a variety of music and film sound projects. He manages production for Tipitina’s French Quarter and does post-production film sound work for Swelltone Labs. What makes Heigle unique is his ability to execute on both sides of the glass: in the drummer’s seat, or in the engineer/producer seat.

Heigle’s dream is to help build a thriving local music industry that is equal to the city’s level of talent, and to make contributions to the development of a new era in the rich history of New Orleans music.  He hopes to be of service to great artists while also becoming one himself, and most of all, he’s happy to be able to give back to a city from which he has taken so much.

Andrew Meehan

Also know as “Drew Meez on the keys,” Drew is a native New Orleans organ/synth/piano player.  He owes the vast majority of his knowledge and ability to his ingenious grammar school band director, Michael Genevay, and his late brother, experimental saxophonist Peter Meehan.  Drawing inspiration from experience, friends, family, and other musicians, Drew Meez continues to develop his style into an increasingly distinct yet undeniably New Orleans sound.  He officially joined Gravity A–a frequently gigging New Orleans “jam” band–in 2006.  A band known locally for its all-night shows, Gravity A will soon be performing at the Trinumeral Music & Arts Festival as well as the Bear Creek Arts & Music Festival.  Drew Meez, alongside Gravity A band mate Michael “Fou” Fouquier, also plays with The M@ Peoples Collective–a New Orleans Hip Hop trio featuring Matthew Zarba, aka M@ Peoples, as the MC.  An avid fan of the Saints and anything New Orleans, Drew is thrilled to present his latest project to the world.

MC Matt Peoples

Born at East Jefferson General Hospital, Matt Zarba was raised in Kenner and has been ”sewing Uptown blocks since (his) mid teens.”  After attending a handful of local high schools, Matt graduated from Grace King and the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts.  Matt has been holding down the back bar at Tipitina’s Uptown for four years running.  Since the age of sixteen, he has been sitting with some of the most talented musicians and building a reputation as one of NOLA’s premier MCs.  “Name dropping is for cronies, so why bother.”   In addition to leading the M@ Peoples Collective, Zarba is one of the founding members of Chckn&Egg Productions, a live art/music group.  Matt is also looking forward to the completion of his debut novel, titled ”Pulling Aces.”

Dem Boys and the New Orleans Musicians Clinic would like to thank you for your support.  We appreciate your help getting our music out to all Saints fans and New Orleans fans alike.


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